Who's pumped for the Pro Bowl!?!...yeah me neither. If I wanna see overpaid entertainers going through the motions I can always view my DVD boxed set of After M*A*S*H or the 2008 New York Yankee recap Waiting Out Giambi: The Darrell Rasner Story. In the meantime let's take care of some ancillary matters.


Sides: 8-2 (11-3 dating back to Bowl games)...Strange, after going 6 for our first 8 on the NFL Playoffs I was expecting to crash harder than Jimmy Buffett in Australia last week. Instead we drunkenly, inexplicably and with little or no effort stumbled into more success. Like Charlie Sheen without the chlamydia. I'm sure the Internet community breathlessly awaits our side selection on the Super Bowl, as for our total play well...

Totals: 3-7 (6-8 dating back to Bowl games)...not so much. We were correct on the G.B./Chi. total, but Pittsburgh once again saw their total go over proving that a top defense does not an Under make. In fact the key to most Under  plays is the ability to find teams that through defensive ability or offensive ineptitude find ways to turn TDs into FGs. Offenses in today's NFL will get their chances the key is to find those situations where, like the N.Y. Mets, team's are likely to do less with more.

Overall: 11-9 (17-11 dating back to Bowl games) That's a 110 unit profit on 100 units per wager for the NFL Playoffs and a 490 unit profit including Bowls. And they said that GED would never pay off!

    Finally we'll be wrapping this blog shortly after the Super Bowl. I'd like to offer thanks to each and every one of my loyal readers...and sadly with a Schlitz Party Ball and half a bag of Cheetos I probably could. Nonetheless MLB Spring Training begins in two weeks and we figure why not turn our sardonic eye on a business that offers us a plethora of punching bags from Bud Selig's hair to the Triple A squad masquerading as the Pittsburgh Pirates. If you have any ideas for the slant/theme of this effort, such that it will be, feel free to comment here anytime or reach out to us at tsha3217@gmail.com. Selections and miscellany will be up soon so be sure to check back and when the new blog opens we'll have the link right here. Enjoy the NHL All-Star game...it really sneaks up on you, right? See ya for Super Bowl XLV!