Still recovering from dancing the night away with Becks, Posh, Pippa...and for some reason Mr. Bean. But what a grand time it was what with the pomp, the pagaentry, the giant hats, but for crissakes could somebody put a coupla Newcastle's on ice for a change...I feel like I was drinkin' outta Mrs. Butterworth's head all night. Still drunken rantings aside it was a bloody good romp and in spite of these tough economic times I only hope those two crazy kids make it.

    Unfortunately it has delayed the highly anticipated Part Four of our "Seminal Sluts of the Squared Circle" series. A title I should mention that has cost me 4 Facebook friends and counting because some women can't appreciate a good misogynistic Heel persona or else they know me too well. Either way our next bitterly cynical installment should be up in the next coupla days with a look at the roles of Sable, Debra, Sunny and Wendi Richter on this Journey of Jezebels. Until then throw a poor, functioning alcoholic a "like" at the "Bowling Til' It Hurts" FB page. See ya soon.

Here's Princess Beatrice in a functional hat that can be fashioned into a post-reception IUD for that unexpected, tipsy romp with Guy Ritchie.