Hey look at us, we're now on Bleacher Report...and just when I thought those 42 days of Community College where all for naught. Check it out here  http://bleacherreport.com/articles/614451-2011-nfl-draftcan-drew-brees-and-new-orleans-saints-avoid-worst-draft-ever Some old stuff, some new stuff, hell the whole blog is never more than three degrees of separation from a Seinfeld episode anyway so do a functioning alcholohic a favor and throw us a Page View. Like Senator Blutarsky said about brews at the Delta Tau Chi toga party, "don't cost nothin'". If they accept anymore of our intrepid ramblings we'll have the links here. And now a superflous dose of Regular Guy fantasy
...or as Charlie Sheen calls it, Tuesday Night (sorry apparently Blogspot removed the original picture in a rare moment of morality...I'm sure this will go over much better).