Unlike the aborted, educational Peanuts After School Special That's Not A Cold Sore, Charlie Brown-The Revenge of Peppermint Patty neither the censors, the sponsors nor good, old common sense can stop us from forging ahead. Since drunk, disoriented and bankrupt souls keep trickling in here-which by the way is how Carrot Top maintains his Vegas act- I felt the need to reiterate that the blog will eventually go on. The occasional football stuff will be here- free agency and draft previews plus coaching carousel critiques- while we hope to have a baseball blog that will be linked to this site. Thanks for sticking with us and if you're new to these environs I'd recommend checking out the 4 Bowl and half dozen NFL team previews linked on the right to get an idea of the potpourri of sarcasm, cynicism and sidelong insight we deliver to the football pantheon. It really is a goodly number of words shaped into semi-coherence and we truly believe there are a few decent laughs to be had...or as my father said upon my graduation from college, "well, even a blind squirrel can find an acorn." Thanks Pop. Until then pitchers and catchers report tomorrow, the NHL/NBA is in full swing and the pigskin equivalent of a hand-job, the Arena Football League, revs up shortly so do try to keep busy. See you back here soon.