In the long standing tradition of Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Gustav Flaubert  and Gilbert Gottfried...I've been censored.

    This post was meant to be a link to my recent Bleacher Report article on March Madness Brackets, but apparently a website, on which every third post is a Slide Show of the "Kinky Co-Eds of Conference USA", found my content offensive.

Not that I blame Bleacher Report. They are simply maintaining the trend in entertainment that says that material related to ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation no matter how humorous or valid a commentary on the social condition (which, after all, is what I'm trying to illuminate here...Right?) is taboo, but in exchange sexually tittilating material is open game.

Kinda the reason why no one can utter Archie Bunker-isms like, (to Meathead) "sticks and stones can break my bones, but you are one dumb Polack!", (to Lionel Jefferson) "you don't wanna live here, there's not a Rib Joint or a Chicken Shack for miles...", (on California) "it's the land of Fruits and Nuts...every Nut's a little fruity and every Fruit's a little nutty", on TV anymore, but Christina Applegate is allowed to play a 14 year-old slut dressed like Pat Robertson's nightmare in Married With Children.
But enough sermonizing. I was going to reprint the article here, but unfortunately like the Dodo, Rubella and radio play for The Marshall Tucker Band BR eradicated it from existence. Below are the lines they reported being offensive followed by the ubiquitous Bimbo Du Jour and a clip of one of TV's most famous moments of censorship...Fight the Power!

"Pete Carril's Princeton Tigers completed more backdoor passes than Elton John at a Ricky Martin pool party!"

"Utah State's 3 guard/2 forward lineup sports less size than an Asian porno."

"Free Tibet? Actually I'm kinda glad China's got 'em less thing I have to worry about..." I first uttered this to a Buddhist asking for donations in Washington Square Park and ever since Karma's been a bitch and my Ch'i is all screwed up.
 Rod Stewart knew censoship wasn't always bad. Alright, I have no idea how to import a video, but click the link to see Bill Hicks' censored Letterman set that was actually aired on The Late Show 15 years later.